sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014


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Dear our good friends of Dolls & Party!

Can you believe it? Only 4 month to the Dolls & Party! Tickets are on sale now, exhibitors are making their reservations, and our dear sponsors are sending their sponsored dolls and items!

There is so much work to be done, but we are glad to make it!

Today I want to show you the donation of a very special sponsor, it just arrived today!

Such a big box! I wonder what is inside...

Mohair wigs! But not only this, there is more...

TA-DAH!!! Four beautiful head boxes. But those are not regular doll heads but a very special doll heads!

Pavilion is made by the Japanese Artist miss Sisiko. Dolls & Party is so honoured to have her as a sponsor! Her Lion heads are beautiful and of an excellent quality! She has even donated a special "mane" wig for each of them!

I am sure you want me to open one for you, right? I guess it is Ok... just one ;)

Inside the box a presentation card and an instructions leaflet!

And here we have one of the heads for the Dolls & Party visitors! The ears attach by magnets!

Pavilion also offers make up for their heads and they do it beautifully! Hum, maybe I could show you one of our make up heads...

Here we have him, I even put on the wig (super easy to put and a great idea to make it look great on the body!)

I really can empathise how amazing are these heads! Now they will go to the design team to be prepared for their official presentation! Goodbye mister Lions!

They are eager to meet you at the Dolls & Party! I hope you are eager to meet them too!

A couple of bonnus photos so you see how feline they are!

Please tell us your impression on these heads! We will love to hear from you!