miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

WIP 3: Let it GO! (English)

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Dear Dolls & Party friends!

So, today the most bizarre thing happened. I was tidying the sponsors boxes as I usually do when suddenly...

Oh no! Someone is out of his box, even when we have a strict policy of "everyone-must-be-kept-in-its-own-box"! Lets see what is happening on the living room, I swear I heard some laughter...

Jajaja, Catch me if you can, Gerda!
Kai... You are so fast... slow down!!!

Ehem ehem ehem...

Oh! Hi Sakura!
Hi auntie Sakura!

You two! Shouldn't you be in your box?

It was Kai fault!
... Traitor!

Awww you two are too cute to be angry with! What about if you introduce yourselve to our readers at least?

Me first! Hi everyone, my name is Kai and I am a Littlemonica Special Snow Audrey 2011 boy. I am Littlemonica donation! I was actually the first donation, you know? I've been in this house like for ages and...

Oh Kai! Stop bragging! Hello dear readers, my name is Gerda and I am a Leekeworld DollLeeke-D Honey girl and I am one of the two dolls Leekeworld has donated to Dolls & Party. I am very pleased to meet you.

Oh, I was thinking, have we shown our new logo to the readers, yet?

Yes, this one... But you are kind of in the way... Let me fix that!

 This is our new logo featuring Dolls & Party mascots Nina and Lila, let me tell you about them...

I see two little dolls who are not in their boxes!

 Oh, oh... It's the Snow Queen...
We got busted!

So, you are not only out of your box, you also took some of the nice Nunbanded clothes she donated and... is that a Go Dolls hat? What have I told you about not touching the donations? And you know this are not yours to wear, you will be dressed by Boulevard BJD!

You know Sakura has a lot of work to do, how is she supposed to do it if you are running around doing what you please?

I am sorry, my Queen.
Yes, we are very, very, very sorry; we swear...

But it is so boring staying inside the box.
Yes, I hope for the Dolls & Party to come soon and have a mommy or a daddy!

I know, little ones. But do not fear. We will all find our owners in the Dolls & Party! Now be a darlings and go to sleep in your boxes. Say your good nights.

Bye Bye everyone!
See you at the Dolls & Party!

Ahhh, Snow Queen, what I would do without you?


I am always happy to help, miss Sakura. I am only sorry I had to appear in such manners, I should wear a more befitting dress.

I think Madame Butterfly is already done with your dress, have a little more patience my Queen. Since you are here, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Of course. My loyal readers, I am the Snow Queen, a Leekeworld DollLeeke-M Mabel girl. I am, with little Gerda, Leekeworld donation to the event. I am looking forward to meet you at the Dolls & Party.

Well that will be all for today. Let's see who will be the next one to be introduced?

I think it is my turn.

Errrrr... We are going to need a bigger scenario...