domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

WIP 4: Mangiafuoco (English)

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Hi good Folks!

Today you will meet someone very special!

Introducing to you our Dolls & Party sponsor big guy, Geppetto!

Excuuuuse me? Did you call me Geppetto?
Errr, I did, don't you remember our meeting the other day? It was decided you were supposed to play the role of Geppetto in the Pinocchio part of the sponsor exhibit?
Oh, baby, I don't recall agreeing with that...

For someone as handsome as me, to play the role of an old man... Can't you see how wrong it is?
Er... Well it is just that we... I mean... It would look cute and...
So, you'd put a grey beard on me and make it look cute?
Do... Don't be angry! You could be Mangiafuoco if you prefer it!

Mangiafuoco? That sounds better. Who is that character?
He is the evil puppeteer who kind of... kidnaps Pinocchio?
(And he is supposed to be ugly and have a black beard, but no way I am telling him that)
Hummm... Mangiafuoco, eh. Good enough!

Hey everyone, my name is Mangiafuoco but I am also known as the Evil Puppeteer. I am a Migidoll Janus Miho Fullset by Migidoll as a donation for the Dolls & Party this year. Now, pretty ladies, let me bond your hearts with my puppeteer strings <3
That... That is your introduction?
Is there a problem, babe?
Don't call me that! I am Mrs Dragonheart!

Whatever baby, going off for a sleep now! See ya all on the Dolls & Party!

Wait... what... Ahhh I surrender. Oh, Migidoll, you sent us a doll with a lot of personality... Not complaining though, I am sure he will be a lot popular with the girls at the event...

Thank you so much for reading us today. Have you noticed yet? Mangiafuoco from Pinnochio, Kai, Gerda and the Queen from Snow Queen, Odette and her sister from The Swan Lake...

Keep updated for more introductions!