martes, 1 de julio de 2014


Get in your best outfits everyone, because we are going to talk about 5 stars dollies today!

5STARDOLL is a chinese BJD brand who specializes in dolls of different sizes. 
They dolls range from the Adult size, 63cm of boys and girls!
Young size has 43cm dolls such as Mu Ran
Child and Kid Dolls are little bundles of 28cm loveliness. Most of the models have a magic or fantasy touch, like the elf ears on Amy, the Horns on Quintus or the wings on Batboy!
Plus, 5STARDOLL offers their bodies to be sold separately!
An amazing feature of this dolls is that 5STARDOLL offers custom make up if needed and even free ears piercing on some of their models, which is great for someone who has a certain character in mind!
The brand also offers 4 default skin colours (Yellow, Pink, White and Tan for an extra), and from time to time they release special colors, like grey or the very popular Red in Aiden!
 5STARDOLL also offers supplies such as wigs, eyes, shoes and clothes for their dolls, so you can purchase a fullset doll from them, ready to play at box opening!
5STARDOLL contributes to Dolls & Party by giving... are you prepared? EIGHT of their cute little dolls!
Presenting Pinnochio (Mars) and the Ugly Duckling crew (Mars, Bibi, Ria, Ray, Tong Tong, Amy, Aiden)
Please click on the image to go to their Sponsor Dolls sections!
And, please, click on the logo to visit their webpage!