viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Bunny Heart

Welcome to Bunny Heart section <3!
Bunny Heart is a Spanish brand that craftes really cute steampunk and phantasy clothes for 43cm and 26cm dolls. 
They have recently working with the Magic Mirror Fairies of Glendalough body, creating some of the most beautiful clothes this dolls have worn.
But Bunny Heart is not all about dresses, they also create some magic staffs and armor plates like this one. 
A very popular item of Bunny Hearts are her aviator bear hats.
But the single piece she most produces are her famous "Godemas" (which is a union of "gorro" (hat) and "diadema" (headband)). 
As their name says, half hat and half headband, usually made with soft fur and with animal ears like rabbit or bear. 

Godemas are great, they are not only cute but they are fully adjustable to your doll's head. 
Bunny Heart donated to the Dolls 6 Party the three bears dresses, made on request for Baby Bear, Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear (Fairy Garden Hexad, Qiiro and Pei Yi), and also a lot (BUT A LOT!) of Godemas we used on our lucky bags, which we gave on the special raffle.

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 By Sakura Dragonhearth