martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Doll Hearts

If you asked any person who has been long in this hobby to describe what Doll Hearts offer to their customers, they would probably say "High quality outfits with lots of pieces"
Doll Hearts has been always a synonym of excellent clothes.
The company started focusing on lolita style with pastel colored dresses, but nowadays they style goes from casual clothes to punk or gothic, even classic! 
There is not a style Doll Hearts cannot master!
A special mention is deserved by Doll Hearts popular clothes sets: the "Fers".
The Fer is a long dress with a beautiful hooded coat.
The first one was so popular Doll Hearts decided to release it in different colours.
And since then they haven't stopped! 
One of the latest versions, the "Evolution Fers" come with a shorter skirt and in spring green and pinkish colors. Do not miss them!
However, Doll Heart is not only about clothes!
 They also produce beautiful wigs, and breathtaking shoes!
One of the best things about Doll Hearts is, it does not matter what size of doll you have, they have dresses for almost all of them!

They even have HUMAN size!
Yes, you heard us well! Even the very popular Fers come in YOUR size! 
Have you ever dreamt of dressing like your doll, now you can!

Doll Hearts contributes to Dolls & Party by giving several outfits, which we used to dress most of the Aileendoll donations (Reira, Reira boy, Luna, Luna boy and Brandan) in order to transform them in the magical characters of Peter Pan: Wendy, Captain Hook, Smee and, of course, Peter.

 Please click on the image to go to their Sponsor Dolls sections!
And, please click on the logo to visit their webpage!
   Also, Doll Hearts official dealer in Europe is Becoming BJD. We want to thank them for all the help provided to the Dolls & Party, so please visit their webpage too!

 By Sakura Dragonhearth