martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Fairytales Treasures

Fairytales Treasures is a brand created by two sisters in 2010. 

Elisabeth (aka Nekochaton) and Cristelle (aka Kaominy) have been creating unique and customised outfits for any kind of BJD. 

In 2013, Fairytales Treasures launchees a line of BJD. With their previous sewing experience, the sisters now combine both doll making with dress into creating breathtaking fullsets!
Lala Moon and Lily Moon are 31cm lady dolls with a childsih body and adorable faces.
Yuzu is the small one of the family, with only 16,5cm of cuteness that will make you become instantly in love.
Keylin, 49cm, is the big girl. With a more mature look and body. She has the grace of a High Elf!

Fairytales Treasures offers unique ONE OF A KIND dolls, fully dressed and customized by themselves. If you love their dolls, do not let an opportunity like this slip!
Check out two examples of what they have in stock right now:

Fairytale Treasures contributes to Dolls Party by giving one of their amazing fullsets! 
Meet Harlequin (Lilymoon).

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 By Sakura Dragonhearth