martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Ken no Kokoro Dolls

Ken no Kokoro Dolls is the artist brand created by Kao-chan, sculpting doll heads since 2009. 
In her passion for sculpting the author has already released 5 heads, and it is working on the sixth one!
Amparita was the first one, a female SD head with big eyes and a putty smile charmed many Spanish BJD owners.
After them came Miguelito a SD elf boy head and Rosita another SD lady-like head.
Patatita her first MSD head is a younger version of the popular Amparita, and just this year a Dreaming version of Amparita, with half closed eyes was released!
Ken no Kokoro Dolls is now working on Cosita (which literally translates from Spanish as "Tiny Thing") their first 1/6 baby doll and their first body to go with the head.
Their previews look wonderful, we can not wait to see the final doll!
Also for the Dolls & Party, Ken no Kokoro Dolls prepared a very special Amparita to come with a body and a fullset! 

 Ken no Kokoro Dolls gave us an amazing Patatita head who was painted by May Yeoshen and given as the photography contest second prize.

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 By Sakura Dragonhearth