martes, 1 de julio de 2014


Are you looking for a special style for your doll? 
Something that is casual, but at the same time sweet and has a touch of lolita? 
Then you have come to the right place!

Welcome to rRabit Sponsor section!
rRabit produces clothes for several sizes of dolls, and they specialize in a very particular and beautiful style!

One of the greatest things of this brand is that you can buy the outfit pieces separately, but they always suggest some coordinates for you, so you can either get inspired by their talented sets or get creative yourself!

rRabit offers also wigs and shoes. And we have to make a special mention of their shoes as they are just beautiful and amazing.

And last (but no least). rRabit has a unique line of stockings with really original and amazing patterns, just take a look at two of our favourites!

Can you imagine your girl wearing those? 
Maybe with one of their soft white skirts and some high heeled shoes?
rRabit contributed to Dolls & Party by giving clothes, shoes, wigs and props!

And, please click on the logo to visit their webpage!

 By Sakura Dragonhearth