viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Merry Doll Round

Welcome to Merry Doll Round sponsor section!

Merry Doll Round is a small Spanish doll company who offers 1/3 heads and bodies.

Their first doll, Merry came with the great feature of an open mouth and two accessory pieces: tooth and tongue, which makes her really unique.
The brand creator is also a skilled artist who offer custom make up for her dolls.
The second one was the very popular Fang, with Asian facial features works wonderful as boy or as girl!
Ophelia was the third and the first one who came alongside with a body, named walnut body.

Nowadays, the artist is working on her first tiny doll, named Pruna!
Merry Doll Round donated a gorgeous Ophelia head, with an unique make up.

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 By Sakura Dragonhearth