sábado, 12 de julio de 2014


Welcome to PAViLiON sponsor section!

PAViLiON is an amazing creation by the Japanese artist Sisiko. He is a really original 1/3 Lion head. Yes, you heard right, Lion!

PAViLiON is designed to work with several 1/3 bodies from different companies. He comes in white, normal an even tan skin, and the artist offers an amazing blushing so he can be adopted ready to play.

A special mention is deserved for PAViLiON wigs, which are made by Sisiko to resemble a lion mane, not only covering the head but the neck as well. The ears are magnetic, so you don't have to worry about wig attachment, they work just fine.

(In fact you can attach other things too, like Dolls & Party did ;) )

 Sisiko produces some accesories for PAViLiON such as gas masks or muzzles.

And exciting news, Sisiko has already released her second head: A wolf!

Dolls & Party had the great honor of receiving several PAViLiON heads, one of which was used to create our amazing Beast!

Please visit our section of Work in Progress: Roar to see their box opening, and of course Beast sections too!
Please click on the image to go to their Sponsor Dolls sections!

And, please, click on the logo to visit their webpage!
 By Sakura Dragonhearth