domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Interview: Dreaming Doll

Hey folks! I am Sakura Dragonhearth, and I am here with the amazing Dreaming Doll for another Dolls & Party interview section! Hi there, nice to meet you!
Greetings to everyone
Proceeding with the interview. Since when does your company exist?
Since 2009.04.09

Wow, talk about an exact date, I am sure you celebrate the birthday then! Who founded it?
Our founder nickname is Baron, who is our doll designer. He works with a doll production team and a management team.

And why this name?
When we started, we wanted to create a doll who was like a dream. That is why we choose Dreaming Doll.

Which is the creation you are most are most proud of?
Little elva AIRI without a doubt.

Oh! That was one of our donations, right? We transformed her into Odile, from the Swan Lake. Wasn't she beautiful? But I must admit I had a soft spot for Little Elva Belle, who played Odette! From where do your artists get inspiration to create such beautiful dolls?
From different sources: we look at art books, illustrated books, anything can become an inspiration!

And can you tell us in what are you working right now, or your latest products maybe?
We were working in an elva boy body and new body colors! We released the new colour with our Little Elva Airi, we offer now more colours, from different pink skins to tans and a very dark chocolate tan.

What do you expect from Dolls & Party? What would you like to see to everyone if you had been there?
We hope Dolls & Party assistants can see our dolls, and they like them. And we hope our dolls new owners are happy and satisfies with us. We always try to make the best for our customers, their satisfaction is the most important for us!

This concludes our interview for today. Thank you so much for answering our questions!
Thanks to you. And to the readers.

If we've picked your curiosity and you want to know more about this amazing brand, head out for our Dreaming Doll sponsor section by clicking their logo!